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For FULL Truth In Savings Disclosures, click menu item on left or click HERE

All dividends are declared, paid and compounded monthly. There are restrictions/penalties with early withdrawal from Club and Certificate Accounts. Rates on Certificate Accounts are FIXED for the term of the certificate.

Rates on the regular Share accounts, Christmas and Vacation Club accounts are now set in advance for the month ahead. The dividend rates for the month are declared "prospectively" for the following month.

We announce and post the dividend rate on such accounts before the beginning of each month. Please note, however, that if the member closes membership in the credit union, NO DIVIDENDS will be paid for that month in which the account is closed.

Contact the credit union for additional details.

Rates are subject to change without notice! [The rate on existing certificates is fixed for the entire term of the share certificate.]

* APY is Annual Percentage Yield.

0.25% APY*  (0.25% Rate)

Dividends paid monthly on the daily balance of from $25.00 - $99.99.

0.35% APY*  (0.35% Rate)

Dividends paid monthly on the daily balance of from $100.00 and above.

0.25% APY*  (Rate 0.25% Rate)

Dividends paid monthly on the daily balance of from $25.00 - $99.99.

0.55% APY*  (Rate 0.55% Rate)

Dividends paid monthly on the daily balance of from $100.00 and above.

Rate FIXED for the term of the certificate. Minimum balance is $1,000.00 [See Higher Rates In Brackets For Balances Of $10,000 And Above, if different]. Penalties apply for withdrawal prior to maturity. An early withdrawal penalty applies for withdrawals of principal prior to maturity.

in months
 and  above]
 and above]    
 6 months              0.70%  0.70% 0.60%             0.60%      
12 months 0.85%  0.85% 0.75%  0.75% 
24 months 1.00%  1.00% 0.90%  0.90% 
36 months 1.20%  1.19% 1.10%  1.09% 
48 months 1.45%  1.44% 1.35%  1.34%

For share certificates purchased for $10,000.00 and over, higher rates, as specified above,  MAY apply. Other terms are the same.

* APY is Annual Percentage Yield.

** "Custom Term" Certificates: Additionally, members may purchase a "custom term" certificate for any term greater than 6 months and less than 48 months. The dividend rate on such "custom term" certificate will be the rate on the next lower even 12 month term (or the 6 month rate for terms under 12 months) for the applicable amount and term.

Additional conditions may apply to share and share certificate accounts. See the credit union for full information.